Friday, July 29, 2011

Anniversary Time in Virginia

Yes you heard us right. One year has come and gone and Steve is still in the studio everyday, well almost everyday dreaming, creating, carving and causing wood to spin on the lathe. The beginning of July he officially opened the dream door to The WoodArt Studio located in Virginia. The end of July, today in fact, Steve was at his first Farmers Market experience in downtown Harrisonburg.

Steve had applied for a booth a couple of weeks prior, as you have to be accepted into the market venue and we got the call the day before the Thursday market asking if we wanted to start that next evening. Well you think that you told us to run through the candy store and grab all that we could. Quick trip to purchase a table, find a table cloth, create a shelf rack, tag the pieces and sleep a bit. Thursday evening would come soon enough. And thus began a wonderful friendship with fellow vendors and awesome shoppers.

A rapid 365 days later we are at the market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, through the coldest of winter days or the sweltering heat of the summer. Several other pieces are also available through OASIS Art & Craft Gallery or purchased directly from us via this website. Steve’s pieces are no longer Steve’s but are now in the homes of many caring and thoughtful shoppers in over 15 states, Canada and Japan. With out you The WoodArt Studio wouldn’t be celebrating it’s anniversary today and so we thank you very much.

Thus an anniversary should not go by without a celebration. To honor you all for keeping us going we are offering 20% off of our current market inventory from July 28th through July 30th. Sorry but this does not include the OASIS Art Gallery pieces. So stop by, say hello tomorrow at the market and let us thank you for your patronage. For those of you who live out of the area, email me and lets see how we can help you solve your desire for a WoodArt Studio creation.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas in July

Today here in the valley, like most of the eastern seaboard this week, it will be unbearably hot and humid. I am trying very hard to do the mind over matter thing and remember how cold it was this past winter while standing outside at the Farmers Market with our fellow vendors. For that brief moment I can actually feel a slight coolness coming upon us, but then we are brought back to reality, like a TV show, and the sweltering heat of mid July. Well what better to think cool then to think Christmas time? White soft billowy snow, sleigh rides, friends and family around the tree and ornaments.

Yes ornaments. Christmas in July! Why not start thinking today and buying tomorrow? I read that many people begin their shopping this time of year not only to get a running start on a long retail experience, freeing up precious holiday time to enjoy with others but also for some great deals. At The WoodArt Studio we thought we would jump onto this holiday sleigh ride too.

So this July 23 – July 26 we will be taking 20% off all our in-stock Holiday Ornaments, Santa Faces and Christmas Trees. What a wonderful time to lay the foundation for your holiday giving. All of our pieces are truly one of a kind, never to be exactly the same again. Begin the tradition with one of our handsomely hand carved, hand turned ornaments. Created from various woods like Box Elder or Padouk it will enjoy a prized position on the tree for years to come. I know that mine does. Passed down from generation to generation all will want to know the story how you acquired such a distinctively unique ornament.

So we will see you at the Market Sat. and again on Tues. morning but if you can’t make it there, order your piece, and we can ship for a nominal fee. Further details are under our Shipping Information. Capture a glimpse in the Studio Gallery of what could be hanging on your tree this Christmas.

Until next week… Merry Christmas! 
#122 Spirit Santa Face

Friday, July 15, 2011

Puzzle Complete

Like the multi piece puzzle that starts out disjointed there ends beauty in the whole. This past winter a well formed size of Mt. Solon cherry happened into the studio instead of the wood pile. While Steve sat and envisioned what this log would become the log was busy doing its part by drying. Bowl, vase, sculpture what would it be?

Soon these rough puzzle pieces would be honed and placed together. Cherry log joins the mustard color lathe; Steve’s chisel to fit in the right palm of his hand. Corners of a large vision taking shape.

A restless piece of the puzzle has begun to change shape. Various chisels meet the whirling wood, ribbons are flying, and chips are falling. A bowl is beginning to take shape around a naturally formed knot hole. Oh the wonder of a tree. Almost ninety degrees to the left is a small crevice forming. Was that anticipated in the puzzle picture? Not sure but what a comely spot she is. The sacred stone, Turquoise would fit so fine in here and add just the acceptable amount of bling to this already desirable bowl. Multiple sanding between finishes has made her smooth as silk.       

The puzzle is complete with all of her pieces tightly fitting together. A beauty she is with her 3” height and a comfortable 8” across. Place her on your elegant table setting and watch the people come to ogle and ah. 

#397 Cherry Bowl w/ Knot & Turquoise


Friday, July 8, 2011

Take the Time

Where did the week go? Looking back at last weeks post date it has reminded me that we are already into July and summer. Where does the time go, especially as we get older? I know we all have so much to do in our daily lives and there are still times that I think God has just not given us enough time in each day, but then my senses kick in and realize that He has given us just the right amount of time and that it is up to each one of us to use it properly. In balance as some may say.

So this week we played on the 4th and on the 5th we celebrated both Steve’s birthday and my daughter, Elizabeth’s birthday. Yes who would have thought two very important people born on the same day? Wednesday brought us to OASIS Art & Craft gallery for our monthly service time there. While walking around the space and relishing in all of the awesome work of several talented area artists I felt blessed that I could be there and yet saddened by the thought that there are several of you who for various reasons can not make it to the gallery. While I would love to share with you each and every artist’s link, time will not allow me to do that at this point. But I thought to myself how I could share with you a medium size shot of the art that Steve has there. 

And so the ah-ha moment arose and late last night I put the picture pieces together. Using the ever popular social networking venue of facebook I was able to create an album: The WoodArt Studio at OASIS Art & Craft Gallery, which I believe if you click on this link should bring you directly to the album whether or not you are a member of facebook. All pieces, as of today, are still available for purchase. Email us for more pics, pricing and shipping. Remember the 2011 wedding on your list with an incomparable gift from The WoodArt Studio.

So my desire for you today is to take a few moments from your busy life, enjoy your mini trip to the gallery and the medium size section known as The WoodArt Studio courtesy of cyberspace.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Independence Day

Independence Day, commonly known as the fourth of July for many is the day that we adopted the Declaration of Independence, thereby declaring our independence from Great Britain. It is a reason to celebrate! For some it becomes a long weekend of celebrating especially when the 4th is on a Monday as it is this year.

With the extra time off there is bound to be fireworks, BBQ’s and picnics abounding. Burgers will be on the grill, green salads in the bowl and delicious pies lining the tables. I hope there are leftovers because Steve’s birthday is the next day.

One of the finest ways to present your guests all of these mouth watering treats is with a wooden utensil from us. Of course you know that it is all in the presentation. We have flippers, spatulas, slotted and unslotted spoons, salad sets and even a pie lifter for all those desserts. You know that you can never have enough desserts.
#226 Cherry Pie Lifter

So start your weekend off with some good yummy food served with just the right size utensil hand carved from the artist Steve. That reminds me that I have to go out and weed the garden, pull some lettuce, beans and check on the potatoes. See you on Saturday at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market  from 7-1pm. Enjoy your weekend, celebrate your freedom.